A downloadable game for Windows

She Awaits ver 0.00 is a tradtional Yume Nikki fangame made for Dream Diary Jam 3.

There are 4 cards (effects) to collect as well as a couple different events to find!

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run setup.exe


she awaits.zip 96 MB


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She Awaits v. 0.01 is now available here!

And thank y'all so much on your feedback on this version!

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I really enjoyed what I played! I liked the more fantasy theme you were going for with this game rather than just a bunch of random world types. Felt like they were all connected in some way compared to the usual fan games that have you going through completely different world types from room to room. I really liked the color choices you used in some areas as well!

Some minor issues I ran into:

1) I wasn't able to launch the game through itch.io launcher.

2) In the Moon/Sun castle ish area, the BGM sound balance is a bit louder than the rest of the game.

I made a video with my experiences and thoughts! Keep up the great work!


Thank you so so much for your feedback!!  It was super helpful to be able to watch someone else play it to better see where improvement needs to be made!
As you said in your video, a lot of the areas are underdeveloped from what I have in mind for them.  I'm not sure when I'd be able to update it again.  But, I think the next time I do I'll probably focus on further developing the worlds that are already there.

By the way: you did see most of what was available! You only missed one world (accessible via the dark forest world) and a small event that happens with the telescope.

Thank you so much for playing!

The game download is not marked for Windows, preventing download through the itch app.

Thank you for letting me know!  It should be fixed now.