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She Awaits is a traditional style Yume Nikki fangame, it was originally developed for Dream Diary Jam 3 in the summer of 2019.

(I'm rather new to itch.io, so I wasn't sure how to update the old version. So, I'm just making this a new project.)

This is version 0.01: Most of the updates in this version are me cleaning up the mess I made in 0.00: a better installer, small bug fixes involving the cards, face graphics for Noelia, and making improvements on the existing dream worlds, mostly.

There are no truly new areas, effects or events, although the chapel has been so heavily re-done (new tileset, new map) it may as well be new.  If you enjoyed the old tileset from that map: I will be bringing it back in a future update (although on a different map) but it wasn't really what I had originally envisioned for that map.

You'll also notice a lot more construction cones in this version.   There's a lot of places where I'd like to connect new dream worlds, but I don't currently have time to make them (or in a few cases the area is heavily tied to a card that isn't available yet).

That being said, I do have very big plans for 0.02!  I have no idea when I'll actually have time to work on that update, but I'm hoping to slowly work on it in 2020.

Thanks for your support!  Let me know what you'd like to see in the next version. 

Install instructions

Extract the folder from ZIP file and run the RPG_RT application to play the game.


she awaits 0.01.zip 82 MB

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